For over 160 years, Masonry has played an important part in the social order of Minnesota. We attempt to carry on the legacy of our brothers, Doctors William and Charles Mayo, Harold Stassen and Hubert Humphrey, among many other distinguished Minnesotans.

We are men who believe in a Supreme Being, but may call Him by many names: God, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, or the Great Spirit. Religious tolerance has been a hallmark of Masonry from its inception.

Because we choose to emphasize what brings us together, not what may separate us, the topics of religion and politics may not be discussed in a Masonic lodge. Masons who come to this web site will find information to make your experience as a Brother much more fulfilling. Masonic events throughout Minnesota, educational information and governing documents are located here.

Non-Masons will find information on our history, tenets and philanthropic programs, as well as information on how to become a Mason.

On behalf of the 14,000 men who proudly call themselves Minnesota Masons, we welcome you to this site, and invite your comments and questions.